Taste MUFF

Jazzpants – Straight draw.

Mechelen, the new Rotselaar? (Dektro ©) Every once in a while, I give DJ mixes that are not related to MUFF Label a chance. The reason for this one is very simple: even in winter weather, this mix is still capable of rocking my socks off. It even makes me want to slide my way […] Read more »

We need a title for this gem.

What’s new? Part two. As promised, here’s the second one. I have to say that this is the OPPOSITE of the previous release. The artist known as AMAAN, one of my best chaps, has a little project going on with Harmonik. Together they started producing under the alias ‘Stereoraum’ and as soon as the studio […] Read more »


What’s new? Two spick-and-span pieces of electronic music will be released soon on our platform. In this post, I present you the first one: a dreamy and self-made guitar-ish thing of beauty that could be easily spinned at the backstage of Couleur Café. Indeed, I’m talking about drunken late night swims. I’m talking about sex […] Read more »

Collogne mixes MUFF.

House all the way! After a walk in the park, MUFF Label Night resident and founding father of Village Of Sounds, Thijs Collogne continues his voyage through sexiness. I received this DJ mix a couple of days ago and I have to say that it wowed me all over the place. To keep traditions alive, […] Read more »

Triple Thank You Poem.

Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot for showing up for going insane for wearing stickers and bringing your own beer Thanks a lot for the amazing dance moves for the shout out louds and the sweat dripping on the floor Thanks a lot for making us look great and yourself even greater. Read more »

Just pop into the Popclub.

Ciao! Here’s the line-up: Lucas Caroso (winner DJ-contest Fuse, Brussels) Dektro (live) Collogne & Taibo Holz Benne Bastin AMAAN (live) Read more »

Apparat – DJ-Kicks

What’s up? I’ve been looking for some new music this weekend. Of all the mediocre things I’ve listened to, there’s only one song that I’m still playing over and over again. It’s the new (and FREE!) Apparat track, which is made exclusively for the new DJ-Kicks series. The Kicks-mix itself will be released this month. […] Read more »

The Wilderness Downtown.

Hi folks Check out this new interactive short film by Chris Milk featuring the Arcade Fire, which is one of my favorite bands at the moment. The song is called ‘We Used To Wait’ and the cool thing is that you can fill in your own hometown to find out those hidden pools and tennis […] Read more »

I dare, I share, I care for music.

Hello fans! I have to admit that I was a bit lazy during the summer period. Anyway, there’s a new MUFF Label website you should take a look at. Its content is funky and free, and soon it will be fresh as well. A lot of new releases are coming up. There’s Benne Bastin with […] Read more »